Thank you for your interest in supporting Queer/Pride Festival! We are very excited to bring such amazing queer talent to Seattle and to provide a safe, inclusive, fun space for our fellow LGBTQIA+ community during the best weekend of the year: Pride! 

We are looking for unique, responsible, and inclusive individuals to support our festival. Please complete the application below to apply. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, and receive your schedule within 72 hours. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, not everyone can have their first choice shift. Priority will be given to applicants who commit to (2) shifts throughout the festival. All shifts are 4.5 hours with (2) 15 minute breaks. 

Please show up for the shifts you have committed to. The success of this community event depends on its team members. If you learn that you cannot work your scheduled shift, please notify the festival management with as much notice as possible.

Due to our special liquor license, our venue and this festival are a 21+ event. Event staff members are required to bring a valid, current ID to their shifts. Only positions at Registration, outside the main gate of the festival, allow minors to apply (must still be at least 18).  Event staff team members need to be reliable, and will show up to their scheduled shift 15 minutes before to check in and get a staff wristband. We require all Event Staff Team members to be sober during the entirety of their shift. We reserve the right to release you of your responsibility if we suspect otherwise, which will forfeit any staff benefits such as comp festival passes.  

Event Staff Benefits Package

  • All positions pay $15/hour

  • FREE Single Day Pass for the day of the shift 

  • (1) Comp Drink Ticket for use after your shift inside the festival

  • IF you work (2) shifts in a weekend, you will receive a 3-Day GA Weekend Pass, and (3) drink tickets.

*Due to high demand of Saturday ticket sales, we will NOT be giving event staff FREE Saturday Single Day Passes unless they work (2) shifts in the weekend. A team member’s only shift cannot be Saturday morning, and then use a Free Saturday Single Day Pass for Saturday night. 


Queer/Pride Festival will try to accommodate your shift preference, however we will schedule the shifts based on your availability and the needs of the festival. Typically, the more availability you have the more likely you will get the shifts you want. Please indicate if you would like to be scheduled with another applicant. We will do our absolute best to schedule you with your friends! 


These positions will be checking in guests at the front gate under the supervision of the Registration Manager. This position requires sitting for the duration of the shift, friendly interaction with hundreds of guests, using digital ticket scanners, accepting cash, and basic counting of change. These team members are the first face of the festival and have a great attitude! 

Set Up or Take Down 

These team members are vital to the success of the festival. We need responsible and capable individuals who can lend a helping hand to setting up and taking down the festival. Have you ever wondered what setting up a festival entails? Are you a night owl who can help close the event? This position can include hanging signs, lifting objects, moving products, or assembly. Don’t miss any of the shows with these shifts!

Flex Position 

These team members are ready to help wherever they can! They are willing to take on new tasks and they break team members in other positions. These team members also can be scheduled to monitor the crowd for overly intoxicated individuals and bring them to the right attention. This position could also include restocking the back stage artist concession booth or managing the line at the Meet & Greets, so expect to be moving and grooving. 


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Use this space to provide comments on your shift preferences such as absolute time constraints and scheduling with other applicants. We are willing to work with schedules of applicants who are committing to (2) shifts or more.